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Data Analysis for Smart Towns

Have you tried our data tool which allows you to identify and access all kinds of data relevant to Welsh high streets? As part of this project, we worked with Urban Foresight who conducted a full data audit, finding that while there is a wealth of data available for Welsh businesses to use- this is rarely exploited.

From our conversations around the country, we know that the simple explanation here is that businesses are often too busy to do this work, even if it could end up saving them time and money in the long run. If only someone could put in the hours for them!

We are now looking to explore whether regional data analysts could help support Welsh towns to draw insights from the data that is available. To this end, we have commissioned a report by Urban Foresight who have consulted with decision makers across Wales to determine the need for this role, and to outline what it would look like.

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Would you make use of this service? Do you have any feedback on the report? Let us know by emailing smarttowns@mentermon.com